How to Prepare for Preferred Carpet Care Cleaning

Thank you for the opportunity to provide our professional cleaning service for you. Good preparation on your part helps everything go smoothly during the job and allows us to focus our efforts on giving you the best cleaning experience possible. We also want to ensure that you and your family are completely safe while we are working in your home. Elderly clients are requested not to walk around during the cleaning operation. This is to prevent tripping over the vacuum and solution line hoses. If it is necessary, please request the technician to assist you

Before we arrive

  • ″Declutter″/Clear Your Carpeted Areas:The first thing that you should do is to remove any clutter and clear the carpeted area to be cleaned as much as possible. The more of your carpet that is clear, the more we will be able to clean. This includes things like shoes and socks, toys, books, or anything else that may have found its way onto the carpet being cleaned.
  • If feasible move smaller items such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, plants, etc. from the areas that are going to be cleaned. If in harm’s way it might be a good idea to remove breakable / fragile items from the area that to be cleaned. This will allow us to focus on cleaning rather than moving items
  • A light vacuum in the traffic areas is recommended but not required. Our system is vacuuming the entire time and will suck up the little stuff, but larger pieces get caught in our filters.If you’ve vacuumed within the recently, you are OK. Light vacuuming allows us to go straight to deep cleaning your carpet.
  • Computer equipment, entertainment centers, electronics, dressers, armoires, beds, china cabinets, many sectional sofas, entertainment centers, antique and fragile furniture cannot be moved. However, carpet underneath such items can be cleaned where sufficient room is available or we can edge right around the base.If there are special requests, please bring that to our attention during our inspection.
  • To protect bedspreads or bed skirts, please tuck them up so that they do not touch the floor. If desired, pin up any full-length draperies so that they will be at least 6 inches off the floor.
  • Water Access: Our truck mounted system is self-sufficient but does require access to a water source. We prefer a water from an outside faucet. If one isn’t available, please let us know beforehand so we can discuss other options to alternative hookups.
  • Provide easy access to your premises: We will need the space closest to the door we will be entering. If you know you’ll need to step out during our cleaning appointment, park your car in an accessible location. Our vehicle may block part of your driveway, so don’t get blocked in.
  • Please let your pets know that we do not bite. We would appreciate mutual consideration in this regard. Please secure pets in a safe area, away from the area to be cleaned, so that they do not bite, bark or run around.   If there is a concern about your pets getting outside they will need  secured from getting outside since a door will be cracked  to allow access for our hoses.
Thank You! Your Preparation Keeps Us On Schedule:

Preferred Carpet Care is ready to deliver an exceptional clean. Thank you for doing your part in properly preparing your home for our appointment. By properly preparing your home for cleaning, you are helping us to keep on schedule. When you schedule services, you’ll be given an arrival time window. We make every effort to arrive promptly and have an excellent track record doing so, but on occasion, we may have to adjust our schedule, in which case, you will receive a phone call alerting you to the delay. We do not rush through one job just to arrive on time for another. We do a thorough job for every customer! We look forward to serving you.

If you must reschedule an appointment, please give us as much notice as possible so that we can adjust our plan of work for the day refill your appointment time. We appreciate your consideration.

When we arrive:

  • During the pre-inspection walkthrough please advise us of any special instructions, call attention to any spots or stains which may require special cleaning techniquesand if possible, explain the cause of the spot to the technician. If we are made aware of the cause, it will assist us in choosing the right approach to treat and remove the stain.If there is a specific area you want us to focus on, feel free to let us know. It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your service, so make sure to tell us how to make that happen!
  • For safety sake, be sure to keep a very close eye on your curious little ones.
  • During the post-cleaning inspection, please let our technician know if you have any questions or concerns about the cleaning. We want to be sure that you are 100% satisfied before we leave.

Special After Care Information:

  • Please leave your plastic “tabs” and “blocks” under your furniture for 48 hours after cleaning.Before moving furniture ensure the carpet is completely dry to avoid any color transfer. Furniture/items with plastic feet/legs/rollers can be returned immediately.
  • You may walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but avoid wearing street shoes, as they may re-soil your carpet. We suggest wearing clean booties or socks. Don’t worry about the foot prints it’s just cosmetic. A quick vacuum after your carpet is dry will correct this issue
  • When walking from the damp carpet to any hard surface area, use extreme caution as it can be slippery. Be VERY careful walking onto a hard surface (tile or wood) because it will be slippery!
  • As a safety precaution, please do not let your children or pets crawl or lie down on the carpet until it is completely dry.
  • Although most stains that are removed from carpet do not reappear, deep stains in carpet backing may wick back to the surface. If this happens, please give us a call for assistance.
  • A small percentage of carpet typesmay ripple, become wavy, bloat or expand after the cleaning from the moisture, they behave much like a sponge does when it gets wet. Don’t be alarmed, they will disappear and return to the original conditionwhen they are completely dry.

For faster drying carpets:

Our truck-mounted carpet vacuum system removes most moisture but your carpets will be damp. Drying time varies. Typical drying time is 4-8 hours on rare occasions can take as long as 48 hours depending on the carpet thickness, relative humidity, carpet overall condition, etc.. Using fans in any rooms cleaned and turning your air conditioning or heating system on, depending on the time of year, can help accelerate drying time.

  • Adjust thermostat to 72 degrees, or if appropriate open windows
  • Turn your thermostat fan control setting to “On.”
  • Keep the air circulating in the home (air flow expedites the drying). If you have ceiling fans be sure they are set so the air is blowing down. Check that the fan blades are clean so dust does not fall onto the freshly cleaned carpet. If Available increase air circulation by running floor fans over carpet.
  • If you have any fans or dehumidifiers, please have them wiped off clean and sitting near the area we will be cleaning. We will be happy to set them up for you when we are done cleaning to continue / expedite the drying process.
  • Turn OFF any humidifiers, these add moisture to the air which will slow the drying process.

If you are interested in adding additional services to your appointment, please let us know so we can adjust our schedule. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call.


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